Redirect Non-www to www In CyberPanel

Today I will tell you how you can redirect from Non-www to WWW through a Cyber panel on your website. You will not face any problem in this whole process and you do not need to do any coding to put WW in the URL of your website.

These are the features in the cyber panel you have purchased, due to which you can do all these things. You will be able to do it easily without any coding.

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Redirect Non-www to www In CyberPanel

Make your website www. To redirect, first, you have to open the dashboard of your cyber panel and then after that, you have to select the option of websites to see all the website scores created by you.

After doing this, some kind of interface will open in front of you, here you will be shown different options, from which you have to select the option of list website where all the websites you have installed will be visible in front of you and you Can redirect any website to WWW.

After doing this, now you have to select the website from all the installed websites in which you want to put redirection of www. After viewing the website, you have to click on the Manage button given on the right corner so that you can manage the selected website and access all its files.

After doing this, now the control panel of your website will open in front of you, from where you can access all the files related to your website and can also add some extra rules on your behalf.

Here we have to add a reduction roll, for which you have to scroll from the bottom and then select the option of the rewrite rule.

Redirect Non-www to www

After doing this, a window like this will open in front of you, here you have to select the option of Select Template ( Force non-www -> www ) so that it will automatically take the Htaccess file available on your website. www, redirection role will be created.

And then after opening your website, it will start redirecting to www automatically. To save all this process, you have to select the option of Save Rewrite Role given below.

After doing all this process, now your website is ready to be redirected to WWW and if any person will open your website now then it will be automatically late. All this process can be done very easily through CyberPanel.

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