Phishing Protection Demystified for Online Businesses

Cybercrimes are increasing with the day. As the technology improves every day, introducing new safety measures for the online presence of businesses, hackers are also evolving their ways to attack these businesses. Phishing is hackers’ way of attacking unsecured businesses online by utilizing email as their primary tool of targeting. 

 For a long time, businesses felt that protection from phishing attacks was impossible. However, today as cybersecurity measures are improving every day, phishing protection has become possible. Cyber security companies can help you protect yourself from phishing.

Here is everything you need to know about protection from phishing. But first, let’s see what is phishing and how it can harm your business.

Understanding Phishing

Phishing is a cyberattack that utilizes tools like email, SMS, and even a phone call to get your important information like bank account details, passwords, and also sometimes install a virus in your device. Phishing has been one of the leading cyberattacks that have ruined many online businesses. No matter how small or large a business is, if you are not paying attention to the security measures, your business is prone to phishing. Phishing attacks can harm your business by stealing your brand name, holding your online store for ransom, and shutting down your entire business with a single click. 

Can Phishing Be Prevented?

For many years, businesses have struggled to find ways to protect from phishing, however, remained largely unsuccessful. Secure ways to prevent phishing attacks were a mystery that only a few businesses had answers to. Today, with advancements in the technology and programming sector, many cybersecurity companies have developed ways to protect businesses from phishing attacks. Phishing attacks can be prevented by identifying scam emails and SMS and then taking action to deter the attack. 

Identifying Phishing Attack

Scammers utilize email and SMS to phish through your business. They can steal your client list and send them an email using your name. They might try to set up a story, such as your client has won a lucky draw and they should send their bank details so that you can send them the prize money. Or they may say that the transaction had some problem and that your client needs to make the transaction again.

Identification of such scammy emails and SMS can be easier. They provide a link through which the reader (their target) needs to update their details. This link may install a virus in their device and hack the device. Hackers use email formats with such accuracy that your client may believe it’s real, although it is not. Identification of such emails and SMSs is very important for the integrity of your business and to protect you from phishing. 

How To Deter A Phishing Attack?

To protect yourself from phishing attacks, you should hire a professional cyber security company, such as Apart from that, you can take some precautionary measures yourself to ensure the safety of your business.

  1. Update Security System

Make sure all the devices being used in your company are updated regularly. Software updates may improve the security system of the device by installing new ways to protect against the latest viruses and scamming techniques. 

  1. Install Security Software

All your company’s devices should have the latest and most powerful security software installed. This software will protect your computers if you can not avoid using unprotected websites.

  1. Allow Two-Factor Authentication

Allow two-factor authentication for your important accounts. This will add an extra layer of security by dividing the log-in password into two parts sent on two different accounts/devices.

  1. Always Keep Backup Data

Lastly, make sure you regularly backup your important business data. This will ensure that you do not lose everything in case of a phishing attack.

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