Oneplus 9 Pro Release In India

Oneplus now have the official reveal of the one plus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro So today we’ve got the official reveal of both the one plus 9 and the one plus 9 pro we’ve got confirmation on key specs and features as well as one plus 9 wallpapers for those of you that want them before

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Oneplus 9 Pro Release Date

Oneplus 9 Pro Release In India

So the oneplus  9 series are coming on the 23rd of march and as we near the launch more and more information is  flooding in the first story of the day is that thankfully the oneplus 9 series are all going  to becoming with charges inside the packaging that’s something that many other manufacturers  are stopping on oneplus official.

They ask the question something new is on the horizon what  is it a user then commented new phones launching without charges and then oneplus CEO Pete Lau  quoted the comment and said

don’t worry about it we’ve got the chargers inside the box we’ve had previously stated that a 65-watt charger is going to be shipped within the packaging.

So people are going to be able to fully utilize the warp charge as soon as they unbox the phone for those of you that want that oneplus 9 looks today we’ve also got the official oneplus 9 wallpapers and these  were leaked by oxygen updater.

OnePlus 9 Pro Full Specifications

Oneplus 9 Pro General Specifications

Model9 Pro
Release date23rd March 2021 (expected)
Launched in IndiaNo
Form factorTouchscreen
Battery capacity (mAh)4500
Removable batteryNo
Fast chargingProprietary
ColoursAstral Black, Morning Mist, Pine Green

Oneplus 9 Pro Display

Screen size (inches)6.70
Resolution1440×3120 pixels

Oneplus 9 Pro Hardware

Processor makeQualcomm Snapdragon 888
Internal storage128GB

Oneplus 9 Pro Camera

Rear camera48-megapixel + 50-megapixel + 8-megapixel
No. of Rear Cameras4
Front cameraYes
No. of Front Cameras1

Oneplus 9 Pro Software

Operating systemAndroid 11
SkinOxygen OS

Oneplus 9 Pro Sensors

In-Display Fingerprint SensorYes
Compass/ MagnetometerYes
Proximity sensorYes
Ambient light sensorYes

Now next up we’ve got confirmation on more features of the oneplus 9 this was thanks  to a new teaser poster the poster confirms that the oneplus 9 series is going to have the sony IMX  789

which has been custom designed for oneplus and Hasselblad the teaser shows us that the oneplus 9  is going to support 4k videos at 120 frames a second we already know it’s going to support real-time hdr we get 12-bit raw support along with Hasselblad’s true-to-life colors.

Oneplus  have also revealed at-lens panoramic camera and this is going to have a 140-degree field of view  now next up we’ve got the official renders of both the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro

thanks to winning future as always they’ve managed to get hold of these renders and publish them for us way ahead of launch showing us exactly what we’re getting along with the color choices for the oneplus 9 pro.

We’ve got four angles for each color and they’ve given us the front backside and a slightly off-angle shot when it comes to the oneplus 9 we’ve got the black green and silver color options we’ve got the power button and the alert slider on the right with the volume rocker on the left.

Comes to the rear we’ve got the quad-camera Hasselblad set up  along with an led flash now overall the oneplus 9 pro is looking incredible and it’s exactly what  we’ve been expecting from the previous leaks now next up we’ve got the standard oneplus 9 again

we get the same four shots for each color and we’ve been given blue purple and black renders the main difference here is that when it comes to the front of the standard oneplus 9.

It is of course a flat display whereas the oneplus 9 pro is curved the rest of the phone looks very similar as well apart from on the back where you can see a triple camera setup instead of the quad now, unfortunately, they were only able to get renders for the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro

we’ve still got nothing on the oneplus 9R now most leakers are still saying that we will see this at launch so it’s very surprising that oneplus have kept this so secret of course for those of you that are excited about the oneplus 9 launches.

We’re now going to run through the full spec’s design and  the pricing of the standard and the pro to help you guys decide if this is the phone for you  for my regular viewers you guys have already seen this so just jump to the next video

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The only leak we’ve had for the standard oneplus 9 shows a full-screen display with the punch hole selfie camera and it’s a 6.5 inch 120-hertz fluid ammo led display but one thing

we haven’t had confirmed yet is if it’s going to be a full HD plus or quad HD plus it’s going to have hdr 10 support and it’s expected to be protected by gorilla glass 5  with the in-display fingerprint scanner on the back

we’re reportedly getting a quad-camera setup with two 48 megapixel sensors along with an 8 and a 5.

The phone’s going to be powered by the latest  snapdragon 888 and we’re expecting a choice of 8 or 12 gigs of ram and if the latest leak  is correct then we could also see up to 512 gig storage

we’re expecting roughly a 4 600 milliamp-hour battery on the oneplus 9 and reports are suggesting that we could get a 65-watt fast warp charge along with 30-watt wireless charging it’s going to ship with the latest Oxygen OS based on Android 11 but we’re yet to find out if

it’s going to be ip68 water-resistant no pricing information has been leaked on the standard oneplus 9 but we’re expecting to start around 750 to 800  next up.

We’ve got the oneplus 9 pro now rumors are stating that the oneplus 9 pro is going to come with a 6.8 inch 120-hertz fluid AMOLED display with a quad HD plus resolution again

we get hdr 10 support protected by at least gorilla glass 5 in the in-display fingerprint scanner we’ve got a punch or selfie

camera in the top left of the display and many were hoping for another pop-up selfie camera but all the leaks are suggesting another punch hole on the rear of the oneplus  9 pro.

We’re expecting a quad camera setup with two main lenses and an additional two sensors  rumors are suggesting that on the pro we’ll be seeing an upgrade to 64-megapixel sensors

so it could be a 64 plus 64 plus 8 plus 5 sets up on the oneplus 9 pro the phone’s going to be powered by the latest snapdragon 888 we’re expecting a choice of 8 or 12 gigs of ram if the latest leak is correct then, of course,

we’ll definitely be seeing 512 storage on the pro we’re expecting a 4  800 milliamp-hour battery on the oneplus 9 pro.

Reports are suggesting 65-watt warp charge  with 30-watt wireless charging it’s again going to ship with the latest oxygen os based on android 11  and the oneplus 9 pro is very likely to be

ip68 water-resistant with no pricing information leaked yet we can only go on estimates we’re expecting the oneplus 9 pro to start around 950 to a  thousand dollars so still a lot of information is missing on both models but as soon as we hear anything.

I’ll be updating you guys straight away many manufacturers are bringing their releases forward next year and we have the news the oneplus 9 series may actually be doing the same

they’ll be changing their launch from April to March of course as soon as we get some more solid information I’ll be sharing it with you guys straight away but as always I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments

who out there is excited for the oneplus 9 and you’re waiting for the oneplus 9 the oneplus 9 pro or the oneplus 9r but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one so you.

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