Double Space in Word Online 2021

How to double space in word, MS word is an important tool of a computer. We prepare our important documents through EdM Word. There are many such options in this tool that make our tool very attractive. We prepare our personal important documents from our office through MS Word only.

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What is MS Word and how does it work? You must have known this. Today in this article we are going to give you very important information related to MS Word. We will tell you in this article that how to double space in Word.

How to Double Space in Word

how to double space in Word

The following options are used under paragraph formatting. Double-space can have the following options in Word.

  • Alignment
  • Line spacing
  • Paragraph spacing
  • Indentation
  • Tabs
  • Borders and shading
  • Bullets and numbering

The Paragraph group of the Home tab is mainly used for paragraph formatting in Microsoft Word.

Paragraph formatting in a Microsoft Word document does not require selecting the paragraph to be formatted, but formatting can be done by placing the cursor/insertion point on that paragraph. If more than one paragraph is to be formatted simultaneously, then all of them must be selected.

For this, you can use a keyboard or mouse. Keyboard navigation keys/arrow keys (←,→,↑,↓) are used to move forward, backward, up, and down to perform formatting.

In Microsoft Word, 4 options can be used mainly for paragraph formatting in the document.

  • Home tab
  • Font dialog box
  • Mini Toolbar
  • Shortcut Key

The Home tab is the most commonly used in Microsoft Word for document formatting, all the major options for paragraph formatting are available under the Home tab. The main forms of paragraph formatting in a document are Alignment, Line Space, Paragraph Space, Tabs, and indents settings are used.

  • Formatting marks would have helped view paragraph marks in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Formatting marks are displayed on the screen of a Microsoft Word document but are not visible in printing.
  • Formatting marks are also called non-printing characters. The show/hide button is used for this.
  • You can display formatting marks by clicking the Show / Hide button from the Paragraph group of the Home tab. Formatting marks (¶) indicate line break/enter key, (•) dot space between words, an arrow (→) indicates tab space. Formatting marks are helpful in document formatting.
  • Line spacing in Microsoft Word is the gap between two lines of a paragraph. Mainly single line space, 1.5 line space, double line space are used in Word.
  • The default line spacing in Microsoft Word is 1.08 lines. This line spacing is set according to the point size of the font. In Microsoft Word, 1 point is equal to 1/72 inch.
  • Line spacing can be set by clicking the Line Spacing button from the Paragraph command group, through the Paragraph dialog box, or by using a shortcut key.

The effect of line spacing in Microsoft Word is visible as follows

  • Paragraph space is the space that is between two paragraphs, this space can be set before the paragraph and after the paragraph. By the Character Spacing tab of the dialog box, the space between the characters can be increased/decreased, the position of the character can be raised / down and kerning can also be done.
  • The space between two characters can be adjusted by kerning.
  • Paragraph Spacing can be added/remove space before paragraph and after paragraph from the Line Spacing drop-down menu from the Paragraph command group of the Home tab.
  • Paragraph spacing options can also be selected through the Paragraph dialog box. Paragraph spacing is set in points, if the font size of the text is 12 points, one line space equals 12 points, half a line space equals 6 points, Double-spacing would equal 24 points.
  • Paragraph spacing can be selected through the Paragraph dialog box as above, the effect of the selected option can be seen in the preview box.


In this article, we have given you all the information about double spacing in ms word. after reading this you come to know how to double space in word. we hope that you like our information.

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